Where can I find an email marketing list?

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You can’t find one, you have to build one for yourself from people who choose to subscribe Instead of purchasing it or somehow finding one (not sure how that would work), you have to build it from scratch.

Here are the five tactics to help build an email marketing list:

#1 Offer premium content in exchange for an email address:

This tactic works really well with blogs, although it can work with almost any type of site. You can offer a significant, valuable part of your content, knowledge, expertise, whatever, to the customer for free in regular posts, and for something more detailed, specific, advanced, etc. that an ideal customer is likely to want, offer it through email and link to that page in the relevant posts.

For instance, I just joined a mailing list for a survivalist blog by finding posts about primitive hunting. I decide from reading them that I want to make my own bow and arrows, and what do you know, they offer an email 7-day course to build your first raw wood bow and learn to shoot accurately. Now I’m subscribed and usually check out any future emails they send after the course. It’s that simple.

#2 Drive traffic to a lead capture page:

It’s important that whatever you invite people to subscribe for really does feel like a separate, special thing, an upgrade to what you provide for free. Commonly known as a landing page, it’s important that you create a page where the only option is for people to either subscribe or go back, to capture the email addresses of the visitors to your website. The other, bigger side of things, though, is driving traffic to that page, and putting links in your own content won’t cut it, not until your whole site is getting good traffic in general. Getting traffic is too big a topic to go into detail here, but it’s worth listing anyway.

#3 Offer freebies and discounts:

You might involve an email address as an OPTIONAL piece of information to include to receive further discount and freebie offerings via email. Similar to what I said already, but especially good for a broader eCommerce store, where you would’ve offered special deals anyway. Now you make sure more customers know about it, and start to build more loyalty.

#4 Using social media:

You can make use of social media posts with a link to the landing page to engage the audience and built interest, so that they may follow up on that link, and then share it with others. Have some tact with this strategy, though. Being fake and salesy on social media is not fun for anybody involved.

#5 An awesome website:

If you make a website that people love, then they will keep visiting and recommending it to others. It’s just that simple. The word awesome in the context of websites is obviously incredibly broad. What you think appeals most to your customers is often not what you thought at first. You need to research your target audience and offer them a website that caters to their needs and preferences. All it takes is for one thing, like the color scheme, to feel off, and your site may never reach its full organic traffic potential until it’s fixed. ABT: always be testing.

This should get you started with building an email list, and later, you can look into optimization and expanding your business accordingly with the size and rate of growth for your list. As a digital marketing professional and a believer in the effectiveness of email marketing, I would recommend trying something new and specialized for building an email marketing list. Something really specific, and then focus on it for a little while. Get used to one thing working for you. Later, you could expand to something more advanced or additional, such as List Warrior. If you are interested, you can check its review on my website

Feel free to reply if you need more information on anything above.

Good Luck!



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