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Hi. I have a few blogging websites of my own operating in different niches. So, my first preference is to share new posts on those relevant blogging sites that I also own, when I can. Now, not everyone has multiple blogs that they own that are relevant to each other, which is what blogging networks are great for. Same idea, just multiple people with similar blogs doing guest posts and promoting each other on social media and email. Basic, but it works.

 When I started blogging, a friend and successful blogger told me to promote and share your posts as much as you can. There’s no upper limit to the maximum number of views a post can get. But you have to really share, not just spam links.

Ultimately, what helps in the long run is to build a natural audience and base of traffic to your blog. Once you have an audience who is aware of you in general, promotion mostly happens by itself. I have a few tips to share in this regard, so let’s discuss those.

Here are five places that I would recommend based on my experience:

1) On your website: It’s easy, free, and powerful. A good website, which you build up and put effort into, is like getting Google itself to promote you for free, all day every day. Generally, blog posts are associated with a broader general website. If you have a website, then implement the strategies to get traffic to your blog. In case you don’t, make one. If you just have a blog and nothing else, you are under-utilizing your site and might as well just have tumblr.

2) Yahoo answers: On Yahoo, you can search for questions relating to the niche of your post. You can write answers for those questions, linking that answer with your blog post. Don’t expect this to work like crazy. I tend to use Yahoo as a way to get content ideas. What are people asking about a lot, and can I make a blog post about it, etc. This is important, because a lot of the work involved in getting traffic comes down to the right kind of content.

3) Quora: Answer questions and engage in conversation with relevant people. I personally feel it’s better due to more moderation and quality control, even if that control swings too far the other way sometimes. You have to be careful not to come across as a spammer.

4) Reddit:  If you can adhere to the strict, diverse rules of subreddits, you can casually promote your blog here. Just stay anonymous. You cannot use Reddit to build up a brand or your own personal celebrity.

5) Medium: You can link to relevant posts on your blog for people who want more specific information on there. You still have to work at this and build a platform there, but a ton of people use and read Medium.

With smart, results-driven tactics, your promotion will start to work fairly soon. If your budget allows, you can also opt for paid advertising to speed up the process, but it’s not necessary for a beginner. The above places are usually in my to-do list for promoting/sharing blog posts.

From the above places, the place on which I rely most is #1, my own website. There are many ways to get traffic to your website, which you can then monetize. A traffic method that eases this task for me is One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). To know many working tips on how to get traffic on your blog, you can also check the Knowledge Base section on my site.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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