Which digital products should I promote?

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean based on the wording, but I assume you mean what should you choose to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Digital products are getting famous these days because they are simple to create and easy to distribute. Since it is a lucrative business that offers huge benefits with little investment, every other person is trying to enter into this field, myself included. Let’s find out the best kinds of digital products you can promote to make affiliate sales.

Here are nine digital products you could promote:

#1 Apps

#2 Font and typography packages

#3 ebooks

#4 Audio content(music, podcast, etc.)

#5 Photograph collections

#6 Video content

#7 Software

#8 Digital art assets (graphics, logo, etc.)

#9 Online courses

You can pick from the above list and start browsing to see what’s selling well already and what you personally find valuable and helpful.

In my view, online courses are the most promising type. People who seek self-education typically spend a lot of money online, so there’s a solid market no matter what your niche happens to be.

Now then, in case you are not asking from the perspective of an affiliate marketer, but as a potential content producer, someone who wants to make a digital product or several, I can still offer some handy advice.  I am creating an online course now under the guidance of a friend of mine. That guy has sold more than ten digital products in crazy numbers. Considering the competition among digital products and the challenges in their promotion, he suggested a specific method for developing the course that would give me the best chance of success. That method is Perfect Product Creation (PPC). With PPC you can create a digital product that practically sells itself because you start your focus entirely on what people in your market want and need before they even truly know it. In short, digital products created with PPC require minimal or no promotion. And that’s true. I have seen that it works, provided you implement PPC in the right manner. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for expert answers to similar questions.

To sum up, whether you’re looking to make affiliate sales, or create and promote something you made, pick a product type that interests you. Then create and optimize a website to draw traffic and promote that product. Assuming you are aware of the basics of online promotion, adopt every possible method to promote the product that fits in your budget.

Please feel free to reply, if you want to know more about promotion strategies.

Good Luck!



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