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Hi! I am not sure whether you are asking about traffic generators in the sense of a tool to force visits to your site as a way to test for click-through and SEO issues, or if you are looking to drive traffic to your website.

If the latter is the case,  then calling myself an expert might sound exaggerating, but I am an old and experienced player in that. I have been into trying and testing of traffic generating methods for a long time, and I don’t rely on traffic/click generator tools for promotion and growing a site’s organic popularity.

However, I think that if someone wants to stress test his/her website, then such generators can be used, sure. I just want to be clear on that, because the English language isn’t perfect, and when someone asks about a “traffic generator”, I’m forced to try and figure out if they mean one thing or the other. Because there’s a big difference.

To be honest, for the sake of relieving my curiosity and also as a request from one of my readers, I tested a traffic generator once, in the sense of a tool to push bot visitors, in the hopes it would get the ball rolling with my new site’s SEO ranking and get organic visitors soon after. Let’s dive deeper into that.

 In the sense of a bot traffic sender, traffic generators are like the old generator seen above. Individually focused, and perhaps useful back in the day, but nowadays simply outdated.

Today, electricity is produced at power plants through thousands of much more efficient generators all in the same property, that gain a benefit from working together with all at once, and that power is distributed to others in the amount that they need. In the same way, traditional bot traffic generators are an old and outdated way of testing your site, when there are universally helpful options for indexing and testing such as Google search console. Sure, they may spot a broken link or other problems, but you aren’t trying to make a site that only bots will visit (hopefully), you want people.

So my position is that if you want to test your site, get real human beings to test it. If you don’t have much of an audience yet, ask friends, family, anyone to just look up the site and tell you if there was something that didn’t work for them. Unless you have a very, very big site that you expanded recently and you want to run a test for any problems, I wouldn’t bother with traffic generators for that purpose.

Now then, with that said, let’s move on to the topic of getting organic traffic, which is what I often hear people intending when they ask or talk about “generators”.

Traffic generators, in the sense of digital tools, are simulators. Imagine real vehicle traffic, on a highway, but with crash test dummies inside autonomous cars, and the highway is your website. They do not actually send real, interested people who are going to remember your site, talk about it to others, engage with your content, or buy anything. You have no human element to the test. The bot traffic is also easily distinguished as not real for SEO purposes, by sites like Google, so the rush of attention won’t even improve your SEO. For a website, you need real traffic, and that will either cost you money, effort or likely both.

In short, I was not at all moved by the concept of a traffic generator tool, and my test was a failure. The site I used it on did not get more organic visitors from that push of bot traffic, as well it shouldn’t.

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with one of my friends who is also a renowned traffic expert: “If you want traffic figures at the end of the day by doping your website, you can go for a traffic generator. There’s a possibility you’ll get some real visitors to your site, but your site also gets overloaded due to artificial traffic. If you want to be popular or monetize your website, quality matters. 10 intended rule over 1000 unintended. For fake statistics, you are free to waste your money“. 

Let’s take our discussion to another perspective. If you are looking for a traffic generator in the other sense, as in something you can set up that sends traffic to your website authentically with a little work, I would recommend One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). It’s a video tutorial program on getting traffic to your website with a few minutes of work per day. The work spent on what it teaches will send you traffic, perpetually, even when you stop doing it, aka passively. How much per day depends on how much you work at it. Of course, you will have to make some serious efforts like working on your website’s content, doing promotions, etc. just creating more opportunities for people to see you. That cannot be avoided.

Basically, getting traffic to a website is convincing people that your website exists and matters. It can’t be easily accomplished by automated visitor simulations. Moreover, if you go by IT Laws, some countries prohibit the use of traffic generators, which could seriously hurt the global presence of your website.

In conclusion, I don’t support any traffic generator tools for the purpose of forcefully jumpstarting a new website, and after an experience of more than a decade coping with web traffic challenges, I say there are wiser things to bet on.

My recommendation would be a specific method to get traffic and massive views through something you can afford to do and enjoy doing, every day. If you can get a little traffic, you can get a lot, but it won’t happen overnight or from one specific thing, like an app. The internet experience is fast, but the entrepreneur experience is slow, and you’ll have to deal with that discrepancy and learn to work/pay your way to the results that you want.

It may be time-consuming, but an authentically popular website offers countless long term benefits. If you are interested, you can implement OMTM or OMFT (another method that I use). The link is in my profile. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for more discussions and actionable tips on website traffic.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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