Which is the most authentic and easy way to drive organic traffic?

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Hi! When it concerns website traffic, there is not just a single way, rather a couple of ways that are responsible for bringing traffic to a website. You should try as many ways as you can, over time. A method that works for one blog may not work very well for another blog. However, you can rely on a single method that is a set of multiple ways, if they feed into one another and each has proved to work for your blog in the past.Rest assured!  My answer is based on the strategies that I implemented when I first started, strategies that have worked for me in multiple niches since. Let’s explore.

First of all, I appreciate your emphasis on organic traffic. It takes time to build it, but it helps in the long run. Organic traffic is the lifeblood of a real business. Now, let’s check out some easy and authentic ways to get organic traffic:

1) Perform SEO: By performing Search Engine Optimization for the content of your blog, you can make it easier for search engines to recommend your blog posts to the right people. I assume your blog is already indexed to some degree, so your posts do show up in results pages, just very low down right now. Writing SEO friendly content, targeting the keywords with search potential, can give good results, slowly improving your position in results pages. It is recommended to perform SEO regularly, but for the time being, just focus on creating content that people would search for. You can optimize further over time.

2) Make use of backlinks: Both internal and external links are helpful in this regard, but we’re talking about organic traffic here. Internal links are great because the initial fans you get are likely to look at more pages and spend more time on your site. It’s been shown that the more time people spend on your site the first time, the more likely they are to come back. As for external links, there are all kinds of ways to establish those, such as…

3) Social media promotions: The best way to promote a blog is to use social media. Ensure the content of your blog is sharable. The content shared through social media is considered in the ranking algorithm for search engines.

For organic traffic, the quality of your blog’s content and the consistency of your efforts both matter a lot. You are not limited to the above three ways, as there are many other ways of getting traffic. But a lot of people do not understand the basics of online traffic, and as a result, implement ineffective strategies they were told was some kind of magic bullet, better than every other method by far. You’re much better off NOT getting creative in the beginning. Stick to what works, get good at it, get traction, and then experiment with new things if they make sense to you. Just know that every traffic strategy has weaknesses and shortcomings. There is no perfect method that gets you a ton of visitors, really fast, for free.

I have a useful article to share with you in this regard. I would recommend working on the ways to get traffic after reading: “Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online Traffic.” 

In conclusion, you should implement multiple strategies to get organic traffic to your blog, but give each one a chance by committing to it for a while. After trying several and seeing what works best for you, you will be in a position to decide the easiest, most authentic method.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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