Which websites can help you to make money online by writing articles? I need a website that has a large number of people reading and interacting.

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There are many websites from where you can make money by writing articles. I assume that’s what you mean, based on the wording. Those websites offer various niches for writing and usually have a large number of readers. Depending on your niche, you can make a selection. Then go through the guidelines for writing on that website, start writing, and finally, you can earn money. As an aside, what if you make money from your own website by writing articles? We can get into that as well.

Let me first share with you just a few websites that pay writers for publishing their content on them. As I am not aware of the niche in which you write, I’ve tried to offer a lot of variety:

#1 JustParents: That website caught my attention, as I have newbie parents in my friend circle. If your niche is parenting, then this website is for you. 

#2 Zizzle: If fiction is your niche, then this could be a viable alternative to sites like Wattpad.

#3 Developer Tutorials:  If you are tech-savvy and possess a sound hold on programming, then this site might be a good fit. Especially if you’re into writing technical tutorials.

#4 MoneyPantry:  If you consider yourself a penny pincher, or you think that you can write good content about savings and money management, then you can submit your articles on that site.

#5 Travel Writer’s Life: Getting paid to travel is a common trend for writers nowadays. If you are fond of traveling and always look forward to exploring new places, try this one out. You can share travel stories and get paid.

There are many websites that I can share with you, but only so many are going to fit with what you want to write. It’s worth noting, writing further has various forms such as articles, blogs, stories, content writing for websites, etc. Your preferences on which content type to write will also determine which sites you should try.. Initially, you may start with articles but as you proceed, diversify your writing styles, in order to have more options.Each site has different instructions for writing content, sharing it, exclusivity, etc. The submission and acceptance procedure of each site varies. Payment varies massively by site, with some paying $10 per average 1000-word article and others paying$1000. Obviously higher-paying sites are pickier about accepting work. As you progress with better quality, you could earn even more and get your foot in the door for more frequent acceptance to those high-paying sites.

After you are aware of that, I would like to recommend a better option that could be more lucrative if you do that right. I personally am not fond of submitting content for the approval of others. If you manage to get your own blog or a website up off the ground, then instead of having limited earning by posting your content on other websites, you could earn more from your website as you continue to build up its popularity and monetize it.

Getting a website is as easy as having a social media account. Of course, I can help you with that. Assuming that you have a website that showcases your writing, you can get a good number of visitors to your website and earn money from that. The actual income has no cap, you can build it up as high as you want, and unlike with submitting your writing to other sites, you are waiting on no one but Father Time. Your brand and following will grow and your reputation as a writer will build at full speed. No doubt it’s going to take your sincere efforts, a bit of smart work, and time. But I think it’s a much better investment in the long run.

Let’s quickly get to the point. First of all, let me clarify that it is possible for anyone to get a good number of visitors or readers on their website. The more the traffic you get, the greater your site’s earning potential.

There are many ways in which you can get traffic on your website. With writing, there always lies a possibility that readers get you more readers. You just need to build a great website with a strong initial traffic plan. I used to write for other sites and businesses way back when, but have been into earning money from my own websites by writing articles for the last several years. I write on technical niches mainly and use insider knowledge and experience to distinguish my content. As for getting seen, I make use of the One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) method to get traffic to my website. If anyone applies that right, then his/her website could become a personal money-making machine.

I would be very interested to see your articles. If possible, share your work with me if you don’t mind. Please feel free to reply to me in case you need more information on any of the points discussed above as well as OMTM.

Good Luck!



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