Why are Facebook ads important?

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With any form of advertisement, two main parties are involved, the customer and the business. Ads are beneficial for both. On one hand, ads help people decide what to buy, what they need to fix a problem, etc., and on the other hand, ads help businesses create awareness about their products/services. So really, ads of any form are important.

But what about FB, in particular?

Digital advertising continues to grow, and Facebook is often the first online ad platform a business will experiment with to try and get new customers online. Let’s see how Facebook ads are important, as well as what to expect from them.

Facebook ads are capable of offering a good ROI and helpful for almost every kind of business because you can easily direct viewers to a high-converting landing page.

There’s also its sheer size. Facebook has a large number of daily active users. Any business’s target customers can be found on FB, to some extent. They just need to target those users and advertise with something that resonates with those people.

Due to the benefits of Facebook’s ad platform, as well as how easy it is to get started, every other business pretty much has already tried it or is trying it, creating a more competitive environment. You won’t be the only business in your niche your audience is getting advertised to. People see it all, these days. They know all their options. You’ve gotta be real, you’ve gotta research what your competitors have already tried, and you gotta take feedback and test new ad ideas regularly. Most of all, you’ve gotta be the best. In these competitive environments, quality is what keeps businesses afloat.

Putting it very simply, here are five reasons why Facebook ads are worth trying:

#1 High targeting potential

#2 Cheaper compared to most traditional forms of advertising, and budget/delivery is easily controlled on the fly.

#3 Results are live and immediate.

#4 Great for drawing traffic to a new site.

#5 Great for lead generation.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be effortless, or that you’ll make a 200% ROI in your first week. Advertising is about risking money, you’ve got to be emotionally prepared for your first few ads not to work. Furthermore, I know some marketers who say Facebook is dead, figuratively, meaning that it’s an old dog and its days are numbered. I’m not really sure if it’s right to be that pessimistic about FB’s marketing value. It’s possible a site so big will find a way to pivot and still be decently relevant for another decade. So that’s another thing to consider before jumping in: how much faith do you have in Facebook as a platform?

And I don’t just mean how long it will last. It’s a very big, very powerful site that is not well known for being accommodating or user friendly, even to paying users of its ad platform. Plenty of stories are out there about Facebook terminating accounts or doing other weird, unjustified, or even immoral stuff. But hey, none of the biggest companies in the world are very user friendly, so it might not matter to you.

In general, if you want to take a chance on FB ads and give it as big a chance as possible to work, remember this if nothing else. When new to online advertising, it really helps to keep a healthy and patient attitude about how ads work, why they work, and what to expect.

You can get some insight into that in a post on my site. It’s called: “Welcome to a World without Advertising.

Anyway, Facebook ads are an effective and high-performing PPC option for those who know how to play the game right. And since so many people are already participating, naturally Facebook ads are going to continue to play a pretty big role in advertising over the next few years. As long as Facebook stays relevant in the long run.

Even if it doesn’t, these platforms are all quite similar, for the most part. You could shift to another ad platform with the experience and materials you’ve developed during your campaigns on Facebook and dominate on that platform instead. If you’ve been wondering about trying FB ads, and you have the budget to run a serious campaign, go for it.

Feel free to reply if you need any clarification.

Good Luck!



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