Why do brands still consider, email marketing, a worthy investment?

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Short answer: because it still works.

Email is a powerful tool for connecting with people, and unlike social media sites, certain styles of website or marketing gimmicks, etc., email is most likely going to stick around for a very long time.

People just naturally find email convenient and appealing, it’s almost the new TV. Instead of sitting down and getting exposed to tons of random ads in a block of time, like a football game or movie, younger people today have completely different standards, expectations, and ways of enjoying entertainment. Younger people (myself included since I’m not dead yet!) mostly don’t even watch traditional TV but use other methods of entertainment, sometimes checking email (among other things, like social) ten times a day or more in-between whatever they’re doing.

Imagine being able to wave past the homes of your ideal customers every day on the way to work and back home, over and over, until they felt so comfortable with you and enjoyed what you have to say in passing that they purchase something from you that they wouldn’t have bought otherwise. This is what it’s like to have a high-value, shareable, quality content email sent out to your customer every day, or every other day, which is not as complicated or difficult as it might sound. From there, some of these people also become regular fans, repeat customers who participate in and improve the quality of all your social marketing efforts. Trust me, email pays. It takes some practice and investment, like any form of regular marketing, and you have to have a business model prepared to make full use of email, but it pays.

Brands that have the patience and the focus on experimentation and consistency necessary to really make email marketing work end up with a much stronger ROI compared to most marketing methods, as it helps in driving more sales through a customer funnel that will never go away or stop growing if you don’t want it to.

In my opinion, these days, if you are an internet marketer, email marketing is no longer an option, it’s necessary to stay ahead. The good news is that even when something gets more popular, that doesn’t inversely raise the number of people who actually try to be good at it. Your competition, should you choose to take email even a little seriously, is very weak, and you can take their customers and turn them into your own.

Let’s explore more reasons for why email is worth putting some time and effort into.

Here are five reasons why email marketing is still a prime choice of many brands:

#1 With emails, a brand/business can reach its potential customers at any time. They can be sent or scheduled whenever, but the point is that the prospects can also check the business’s message and read it at the time of their convenience. This kind of freedom makes people less hostile or cynical to your message. Unlike PPC or social ads, which are meant to interrupt someone in the middle of scrolling, emails have been consented to through a prior introduction where they signed up, and are more likely to generate friendly, loyal, valuable customer relationships.

#2 Emails are capable of driving in-store sales. This concept is going to be very big in the near future, physical stores using online marketing methods and other techniques or tools to become more convenient for the customer, and in the process also have more convenient access to that customer. Instead of tracking link clicks or online sales, businesses will be able to track walk-ups or walk-ins, store visits, basically, as well as what kinds of people buy what, so you can attract different types of customers when you want to sell more of a certain thing.

Bottom line: if you have physical locations or events you are trying to dray customers to, this is a topic I would start studying. The best example so far is Pokemon Go, which is a fascinating business model that other are surely going to adopt in other markets, especially as soon as the current situation finally ends, and everybody is back outside. In fact, I would say covid doesn’t even really matter because it would be based on getting singular, targeted visitors to your place, not crowds of indeterminate people through mass advertising.

#3 Speaking on the basis of statistics, emails have a higher rate of customer acquisition than any other digital platform like social media, digital advertising, etc.

#4 A large number of customers can be reached with email marketing at a comparatively lower cost than other methods. Best of all, it becomes unarguably cheaper per customer, as long as you carefully vet customers and do not allow ones who don’t do open your emails or ever do anything to leave. Only pay for and keep subscribers that make you some money every month, on average.

#5 For getting and keeping life-long customers, emails are the best.

One more thing before I wrap this up. Most brands give up on email marketing early on, and it’s undeniable: not all email marketing campaigns succeed.

The main reason email marketing doesn’t work for a business or brand is an improperly built list. You can work hard and still get nothing back for it, and that’s the toughest part of the email. There’s a training program called List Warrior, and that will probably help a lot if this is something you’re concerned about. It teaches a really simple and repeatable way to add a scaleable email format to your online funnel and get you some results in the first week or sooner. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s definitely a good place for someone less experienced to get familiar with the whole process. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

In conclusion, email works, and it’s more than worthy of a little time, education, and effort to get it going.

Feel free to reply if you need clarification.

Good Luck!



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