Why do people want to have an online business in the 21st century?

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I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t! The straightforward reason is to make money while having no physical place to work or the amount of time they have to dedicate to working every day. People are even starting to consider online business a safer bet financially, as jobs are getting more scarce at the moment.

If you want to crunch this all together into a single idea, a profitable online business can pave the path to financial freedom. Most people respond well to the phrase “be your own boss” but I find this is only partially the point of being an entrepreneur. If you are your own boss, you are still taking crap from somebody! This is why I am more fond of “fire yourself”.

Fire yourself as in, your job is no longer to do things to make money, it’s only to steer the ship, to answer questions and make decisions while other people do all the work for you. When you become an online business owner, you go from someone who is paid for doing a task to someone who is paid to manage the task-doing of other people to keep them efficient and working effectively. In essence, someone who is paid to be smart, confident, forward-thinking, and persuasive. To become a captain, you might say.

People know the 4 Hour Work Week by now, and honestly, that’s just the start. I’ve spoken to people who have optimized their businesses so well that they have all the money they could ever need for less than 1 hour of work per month. Hope you like video games, or painting, or hanging out with friends, or traveling the world. Because at that lifestyle, you’re going to need something to do! Lots of people, when they finally have their business running and allowing them to do what they want, are shocked, not sure of what they really want to do after all. Suddenly, there’s all the time in the world.

In general, that’s what most online entrepreneurs are after. Not some complicated, messy operation they spend 60 hours a week keeping afloat. That’s what happens when someone makes themselves into a boss technically, while still being stuck in the employee mindset. That’s like, 90 percent of the time, why a business doesn’t get up off the ground or struggles for no apparent reason. It’s the owner.

Something that runs, grows and pays them regularly, all for just being the smart guy or gal who came up with it all, who took the initiative and the risks to make it happen. That’s what I, and many other younger people, want, and we’re getting it. In truth, conquering that kind of fear is what entrepreneurship is really about.

If done right, an online business is inexpensive to start and comparatively easy to set up. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a willingness to excel and stand out from the crowd. The more time you’ve spent with computers and the internet, the more of a starting advantage you have, but it is not the only advantage you can apply to yourself. Do not give up just because of one little roadblock. There are always two or three ways around an obstacle if you really think about it.

With that said, here are five reasons why people want to start an online business, especially in the present times:

1) In the circumstances of November 2020, in a time where it’s not even clear if holiday events and travel is going to happen, an online business is something a person can create, on their own, that they control completely, no matter what happens to the rest of the world. This is very useful in the literal sense, to better handle financial challenges, but also psychological and spiritual, to know you are moving up and will be in a better place by the same time next year, no matter what happens to the world or anyone else.

2) An online business needs little financial investment. If you sell digital products, you might not even have inventory costs.

3) You have full flexibility to utilize your time. Most people assume running a business is incredibly difficult. It’s not! Not if you start at the beginning from the angle of “How do I make this as easy as possible on myself?”

4) You can run it from any location. There is no need to buy a separate office space. I know a successful online entrepreneur who started his business from his garage and now just uses a home office when he isn’t traveling, which is most of the time, in which case all he needs is a laptop or computer center for a minute, in case of an emergency. Again, that’s what financial freedom means. It’s not just quitting your job.

5) Finding your ideal customers is easy on the internet. There’s a skill to it, of course, but it can be learned.

Each entrepreneur has his/her own personal reasons to start an online business, the above five reasons are just some pretty common, universal sides to why people do.

On a side note, a book that has helped me a lot, professionally as well as through motivation, is DotCom Secrets (DCS) by Russell Brunson. For anyone looking to set up an online business and multiply his/her business empire, that book is a must-read. I have a review of it on my website. If you are interested, you can read that from this link.

In conclusion, an online business means trading in the mediocre security of staying at a current job, and the fear of uncertainty about that job, for total freedom and a system where you are the boss. Sure, it has costs. You will spend time, effort, and money, you will take risks, and you will get into arguments with people because there’s a lot at stake. But that’s all part of the process. Those who accept that and trudge through the rough initial phase, finally getting into the black, those are also the people who usually end up doing great, and truly achieving financial freedom.

Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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