Why email marketing is marketer’s top choice?

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I’m glad you asked! Email marketing is a powerful way of connecting with people, mainly because it is heavily used and integrated with everything, like social media, but also seen as private and trust-based, like direct messaging or physical mail correspondence.

If we go by statistics, email marketing has a vibrant role in driving sales. In the present era of digital marketing, email is no longer just an option, it is mandatory for nearly all businesses looking to reach the top. That’s the reason more and more businesses are implementing email marketing business models. It’s my choice too, although the vast majority of businesses are still terrible at email marketing. So undoubtedly, despite saturation, it still remains the number 1 choice of clever marketers. Let’s discuss how.

Email marketing also happens to be a personal way of reaching customers, which makes customers feel special. The message was sent directly to them, unlike scrolling on social media, using an app, or surfing the web and running into an ad by chance. There’s no mistake that the message was sent specifically to them, their address. It works best, then, to lean into this aspect and personalize your emails as much as possible.

Coming straight to the point, here are seven reasons email marketing works so well:

#1 Emails are hard to miss and generally do not go cold. If I see an email that is important or interesting to me, it doesn’t matter if it arrived 12 hours ago while I was outside. I can still see it, read it, share it, and respond to it. That being said, timing your emails to arrive when subscribers are likely to be checking their inboxes is a good idea to boost your open rate.

#2 According to statistics, emails are effective in driving both in-store and online sales. They are a good medium for keeping the customers informed of products/services, regardless of whether you operate in a physical site or do eCommerce.

#3 Different studies show email marketing has a higher rate of customer acquisition than social media. There are different ways to measure that, of course, but by my experience, I agree.

#4 With email marketing, businesses can reach a large number of customers at a comparatively lower cost. The bigger your list grows, the more free eyeballs you can get on whatever you want to market.

#5 It is action-oriented and measurable. By the latter, I mean, there are many tools and apps with which the sender can come to know when the receiver accessed that email and what he did. Did he just read it? Did he click the link? You can even track off the email to your site, to see if they bought what you were selling in the message. Obviously, this allows you to follow up and establish different segments of customers who get different emails, creating a tailored experience that keeps them interested.

#6 If used properly, emails help in retaining old customers. Most people take a very long time to unsubscribe to a mailing list, or need to be pissed off in some way first. You can reconnect with customers who might have forgotten about you on social media or other places by sending re-connection emails.

#7 With many email management systems that have a lot of features, email marketing offers much more control than most marketing platforms. A feature that is getting common these days is geolocation that helps in segmenting email subscribers and sending the emails to only those persons who reside near the same physical location as an offline store. Or, if you are an artist going on tour, you can alert subscribers in the areas you will be visiting. With this kind of adaptability, email marketing will continue to be effective in 2020 and beyond.

Since almost every business is now entering into email marketing, to get good results, the creation of an email list should not be treated as a hobby.  The failure rate of email marketing is staggering, but understandable when you consider how little people actually try. The main reason for its failure is an improper email marketing strategy or an improperly built list. To deal with that and get success from email marketing, I implement the List Warrior method.

In conclusion, email marketing is growing and is still relevant in 2020. It is likely to grow more in the years to come. Nothing lasts forever, but today and for a long time, email is going to remain the #1 most used application online, and marketers need to use it.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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