Why internet advertising is effective?

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Although all forms of advertising can be effective when used properly, internet advertising offers the most flexibility. With online ads and promotion, now almost any business, big or small, can get more customers and shape their brand image. We have options like social media, search engines, website sponsorships, etc., all of which can yield a good ROI.

Let’s discuss why that is.

Here are three reasons advertising on the internet is effective:

1: With online advertising, businesses can target desired customers by a number of stacking data points and get very specific about who sees their ads. With search engine ads, social media, and more. the ads get displayed only to people who have a good chance of caring about that ad, as long as you target effectively. For example, an insurance company could make a Google ad that only shows up on results pages in related niches and buyer-interest topics, such as “how to switch insurance companies” or “most affordable insurance company for ___”, the blank being some kind of lifestyle or demographics.

One place famous for online advertising is Facebook, which helps you to focus better on your target customers by qualifying and disqualifying potential ad viewers by factors like geographical area, past behaviors, interests, and more.

2: Flexibility of advertising budgets. For small businesses, especially newer ones unfamiliar with internet marketing, every dollar matters. Most major online advertising platforms are spend-as-you-go, in other words, offering the feature of spending a specific budget over time, with a hard limit. You can control this budget, increasing, decreasing, or turning it off at any time. You don’t have to commit a certain amount of money, and that makes it easy to test ad campaigns for a single week, or a day even.

3: With traditional forms of advertising, it is difficult to track the success of your ad campaign. Traditional advertising doesn’t offer much information to the media buyer. If you got more customers, enough that it feels worth it, I guess it was worth it. Compare that to online advertising, where you are in more or less in full control. The only way you’d be more in control is if you created your own website to grow your brand, which is definitely possible too. You can easily analyze how long visitors stay on your website, what they click on the most, and if any little experimental change leads to more clicks and more time spent on the site. You can also check the CTR (Click Through Rate) which tells how many times the ad was opened/clicked. Based on the results, businesses have a lot of clues to mold their ad campaigns and advertise effectively. The flip side to this is that it probably won’t work very well at first unless you get lucky. You have to be prepared to test things and stick with it to make online ads really work, in most cases.

As I said earlier, all forms of advertising can be effective. A business can’t flourish without a way to tell other people about them.

If you want some more info and perspective on different forms of advertising, my article, “Welcome to a World Without Advertising” discusses the effectiveness of ads from a different angle. If you are interested, you can read that post.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why advertising over the internet is effective, mainly increased control and limited budgetary requirements.

Please feel free to reply if you need clarification.

Good Luck!



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