Why is my blog not getting traffic? How can I get it?

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I can relate to how it feels when you don’t get traffic on your blog, especially if you’ve been working on it for a while. Stay assured, I am here to help. There are many ways to get traffic to a blog, and, I can suggest many proven tips. Let’s discuss how you can fix this problem.

Don’t forget, every blogger faces this problem, you are definitely not alone. Let’s first quickly glance through the possible reasons your blog is not getting traffic because that’s going to be the starting point for making changes that get you better results. Generally, the following 5 reasons are things to seriously consider:

#1 You aren’t doing SEO-focused content or enough content in a competitive market..

#2 You don’t have sufficient backlinks to and from your blog, or they are not optimized. There’s a program called OMFT that is great for getting started on backlinks. You can see more about it on my website, from the link on my profile.

#3 Perhaps you have not done sufficient keyword research so that each new content idea you come up with is not as valuable as it could be.

#4 The social media presence of your blog is inadequate and/or you are not doing enough promotion in general, be that through ads or other tactics.

#5 Your website’s user experience is not up to modern standards, such as a lack of responsive site features.

Well, everyone’s situation is different, but I have observed the above reasons the more out of everything. You should also look at what your competitors are doing for their blogs, and try to see what’s good they’re going that you’re not, and that will also help close the gap and get you some visitors. You don’t need to copy another site in every single way, just take inspiration and try something different and better. If I knew a little about your blog, I could suggest more specific strategies. Feel free to link it to me if you have more specific questions.

In conclusion, it takes time to build traffic for a blog and is largely dependent on having a good site concept, good content and user experience, and consistency of new content. Your content should be engaging and must provide value to its readers. If at all possible, your site should overwhelm people, like a treasure chest of exactly the sort of thing they were looking for. Sites like that are the ones people visit over and over, tell their friends about, and even buy merchandise from.

The suggestions for this answer have worked for many new blogs. Hope they work for you as well :).

For tons of other actionable tips on increasing traffic, you can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website.

Good Luck!



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