Why is SEO needed for my business?

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Nearly every business is moving towards having an online presence in the form of a website and connected social accounts, and everyone browses through websites in the same way: through Google and other search engines run by Google, such as YouTube. So, to make the biggest profits possible, you need to perfectly plug your site into these algorithms in just such a way, to show up as high as possible on the most important keyword phrases that matter to your customers.

With an SEO-driven approach to building websites, you know reliably that you’ll get a certain number of visitors every week, and how much that number will likely grow over different future time periods, like a month or a year. Neglecting SEO is the cause, in my opinion, for many people’s first online startups not working out, and there’s really no reason to fear it. It’s just a skill, and in the same way that you don’t have to become Baby Driver in order to drive a car, you don’t have to dedicate your whole life to understanding every little nuance of SEO in order to improve the SEO on your websites and get consistently better results.

Web traffic is a broad term, and there are a couple of different ways to categorize it. To not complicate our discussion, let’s consider it in general. To make a website profitable, you need traffic, and to get traffic, SEO is borderline mandatory on at least a bare-bones level.

Let’s discuss more.

So, a quick background: Search engines have one purpose: to take a term that a person typed in and search through their index of everything (well, not everything, there’s the dark web, but you get the idea) available online, every website, and determining which ones are the most relevant to that keyword term, and in order of most to least relevant, but while also including scores and other variables based on factors like website age, how trustworthy the site appears to be, etc.

If any website scores well on a lot of these little factors and ranks high on the search engine results of a term, that term will bring the site more traffic, because people are looking you up indirectly and finding your site through searching that term. Even if it’s just a little (sometimes it’s a lot), the chances of earning revenue with the site increase with the traffic, exponentially. SEO is all about making that happen more and more for your site.

Businesses spend serious money on having their websites optimized because they know what awaits them on the other side. They’ve done research or had it given to them, showing that ranking for certain terms will net them this or that much more revenue in traffic and orders. Therefore, paying less than what they’ll gain monetarily to have that work done is a no-brainer. SEO is a vast field and it involves many tasks that often get outsourced to experts, such as on-page/off-page SEO, keyword research, content management, backlinking, etc. I can talk more about these topics if you have a more specific question about any of them.

In general, SEO is a set of techniques that make your website visible online. And when I say website, I mean that very broadly, as in it can be applied to social media accounts, business directories, press releases, blog posts, mobile apps, etc. You still need SEO even if you don’t operate a website with a lot of written content. You still need SEO even if your site is locally focused and doesn’t serve customers in multiple countries. No matter your case, I can almost always say that you could be making more money by doing some SEO for your business.

Here six reasons why businesses need SEO:

1) SEO drives quality traffic to a website, thus more customers.

2) It improves conversion rates, causing the same amount of customers to be worth more money month-to-month.

3) It helps in capturing more leads, thus better numbers for long-term marketing methods such as email.

4) It improves brand awareness.

5) It offers a higher ROI compared to direct advertising, in the long run.

6) It gives small businesses a way to compete against big businesses. With the right approach and enough experience, you can triumph against bigger businesses spending much more money than you on advertising and promotion, by having a better SEO strategy.

To be clear, SEO is a professional field of expertise, and it doesn’t show incredible results overnight. It takes time to get good at it, so consistent efforts are a must if you want faster results.

Web traffic is a prerequisite for online success and the sooner that any beginner entrepreneur learns to embrace that and get their traffic going, through whatever means necessary, the better. There are many aspects to be considered while picking on traffic strategies. Common strategies, the ones that the majority tell you to try, do not always work. I have made a post to help businesses with web traffic and SEO:, Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online Traffic, I have discussed three important things to get maximum traffic to your site. If you are interested, you can read that post through the link.

In conclusion, SEO is crucial for a business with an online presence, which nearly every business should have at this point.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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