Will the ideas of Ferriss’s “Work-Week” book work in 2020 and after that?

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Of course! Even thirteen years since its publishing, that book is still valuable. I am working on the principles I learned from Ferriss, and they will serve me well, even after 2020. I would combine its knowledge with that from other books and people, but 4HWW makes for a fantastic starting point or addition to an intermediate-level entrepreneur. Let’s discuss more on that.

4HWW can be one of the best guides for anyone who wants to be an online entrepreneur. With many inspirational stories, it teaches the concept of financial independence. And financial independence does not require being a millionaire. If you manage to earn enough such that you need not bother to work to meet your financial needs, then it means the book worked, like it did for me.

We cannot deny the fact that techniques and technologies get obsolete. I would like to mention that some of the website links in the book are dead now. Some of the concepts may come across as dated, but all you have to do is translate them to 2020 terminology. The response that this book received back then, and its continuing sales, show that its concepts are applicable in 2020 and beyond.

Honestly, 4HWW has been a life-changer for me, and I’m not alone. The way it beautifully teaches anyone to escape the nine to five work culture is the most relevant thing, if we consider the present situation of the world as in July 2020. Since there has been a spread of pandemic, the culture of working from home is getting popular, and people need a guide on how to do it right.

Of course, it used to be that working from home was very rare, and so there was a cleaner separation between work and home life. But now, working from home is growing without people knowing exactly how to make it less stressful, not more, than ordinary office work. Work-from home arrangements have increased the complexity of people’s lives (when it should be vastly decreasing it), and is interfering with other elements of home life such as family communication.In such a situation, I say that the book’s concepts are not only still relevant, but more than ever. 4HWW has gone from the secret only one in ten thousand people knew to an essential guide on the new wave of workforce culture. There is a lot more that I can say in the praise after having benefited from that book. That’s the reason it’s still my topmost recommendation to anyone who wishes to be an online entrepreneur or is stressed out with his/her typical nine to five job.The book’s ideas are still valid in 2020 and hopefully well beyond that. The reason I have used the word ‘hopefully’ is that with technology, everything is moving and changing so fast that we can’t make an exact prediction. The most I can say is that even if 4HWW falls into irrelevancy soon, it will only mean that something even better has replaced it. While unlikely, if that does happen anytime soon, I obviously welcome it so I can take advantage of that opportunity.

Anyways, let’s quickly see the main takeaways from that book that are still relevant:

1) The acronym DEAL that the book teaches in the form of core chapter groups remains valid.

2) The inspirational stories in that book, especially those relating to Tim’s life, will always continue to be inspiring. Over time, if you follow what they guy has done since publishing, the inspirational stories get even better.

3) The 80/20 rule in the book is very impressive. Tim calls that as Pareto’s principle, which means 80% of the output comes from 20% input, which fits well for businesses as well as an individual.

4) The idea about the time management and value of time in one’s life will never get outdated, ever, because people will always have difficulty in truly valuing their time. It’s a mindset switch that takes a lot of training and unlearning things we learned in school and the workplace.

5) As previously mentioned in the answer, working from home concepts are more needed than ever in the present times.

I have many more ideas to share from that book, but I preferred to pick only five. If you have read that book already, you likely know what I mean. In case you are yet to read that book, I would recommend reading it soon. Don’t worry, its ideas are still valid and will be valid. I am hoping my review of that could be of great help to anyone willing to read that book, has already read it but wants a reminder of its strengths, or who wants a secure financial future. If you are interested, then you can click here to read my review of it.

In conclusion, I would clearly say the ideas of that book are applicable in 2020 and beyond, though some of the website links might get obsolete, and some of the tech terms mentioned have been replaced by other things. That’s the nature of any book about internet opportunities.

Good Luck!



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